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Are you buying, selling or just staying put?

We can help shift your space.


Ready to upgrade and refresh your look?

Want more productivity?


Are you planning to open or relocate your business?

Are you a developer or real estate investor?



“My biggest reward is to make the process of renovations easier for the client through guidance and education.”

~ Rosalie Levi

Rosalie Levi Interior Design and her team of experts, work cohesively, to help you realize your dream space.  You can feel confident your project will exceed your expectations.

Rosalie Levi’s first design company, Zephyr Interior Design was voted one of the top 30 Interior Design firms in Montreal by Point2Homes! In the last 20 years, Rosalie’s portfolio has grown to include corporate offices, restaurants, retail spaces, private schools, investment properties, B&B’s and residences ranging from small condos to multi-million dollar homes.


  • My clients are always amazed when, calling me in to help with one room, we "SpaceShift" the whole house....

  • Where there is cohesion and the mood invoked is one of calm and harmony. A place of quiet sanctuary, where people can be inspired....