My top 4 SpaceShifting tips!
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My top 4 SpaceShifting tips!

My top 4 SpaceShifting tips!

I was inspired by my many clients telling me they’re not happy with their homes, but they’re not sure why or what they need to do. Renovate, not renovate. Move, don’t move. I believe that a redesign may help you find these answers.

When redesigning, it’s so important to get a clearer idea of your situation and evaluate your house as a whole entity. We need to be aware of how all our rooms are related and affected by the other, before creating those important, functional and flowing spaces. I’ll use the analogy of being in a maze. It’s normal to only see the spot you are in. But to really improve your situation, you need to step back and get a clear view of your home as a whole, so you can better strategize and take a plan of action. My clients are always amazed when, calling me in to help with one room, we “SpaceShift” the whole house. The results are astounding. Rooms open up so that the feel and function is greatly improved for you to really enjoy your home. You may not have to renovate or move.

As promised, here are my top 4 “SpaceShifting” tips to a more harmonious home:

Step 1-Take inventory and Lighten up! Literally.

Start with a walk through of the whole house/apartment, taking a picture of every space, even that room where ‘nobody ever goes’. That often ends up being the starting point! Clear out that space, whose only function is to store everything you didn’t have time to deal with, and deal with it!

Step 2- Repurpose, donate, or chuck it.

Take those pieces you love, and bring them into the light. Dust them off and give them a new purpose. For those other things, chances are if they’ve been in the dark for so long, you really don’t “need” them. Make that decision to keep, donate or chuck it. If its too personal, you may need help to get started. A fresh perspective can get you past that initial hurdle.

Step 3- Start SpaceShifting!

Now that you have created a little space, the SpaceShifting begins. Do you remember those little puzzles, that had all those squares with one missing, and you had to shift them around until you had the right image or the numbers in the right sequence? That’s what this is like. Try to complete one room at a time by prioritizing them. Take a moment to feel each room as you enter it. If something in there bothers you, deal with it immediately. Move it, remove it, or fix it.

Step 4- Open up!

Unblock hallways, behind doors and entrances. Nothing should obstruct your ability to flow from space to space. This will go a long way to creating harmony and less stress. These are a few steps I use to help my clients improve their home. My unique “SpaceShifting” program can be very beneficial, emotionally and physically. It’s so easy to accumulate “stuff” and have things get away from us. I have been told by many of my clients, they feel lighter and relieved, after just one shifting session with me. You might say, I offer Interior Design therapy.

My services include a step by step “How to Get it Done”. I provide an inexpensive way to rejuvenate your space by shifting things around that you already own to create harmony and flow . I’ll walk through your home or office and identify areas that can benefit from my unique SpaceShifting program and present you with a detailed plan of “what”, “where” and “how” so that you can get it done, with or without my additional help! I have helped my clients save thousands of dollars in unnecessary renovation with my program! And after all the SpaceShifting is done, and you still want to upgrade some spaces, I have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to help you do that.

I offer great design packages, so let’s talk. I will create a personalized solution for you and your family, which will enhance your lifestyle!

Don’t wait to get started. A year from now, you’ll wish you had started SpaceShifting with me today!