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“Rosalie’s work is fluid and comes alive with movement.  She has exhibited and sold her work worldwide.

Art. .Design. Vision.

As a Sculptor/Visual Artist for over 35 years, l have worked with clay cast to bronze and other more costly materials. But my sculptures have not been the same since l discovered Paverpol, an amazing fabric hardening from the Netherlands, a few years ago. It has allowed me to take my sculpture to a whole new level! My work has always been fluid and full of movement, but because of Paverpol, my work now comes alive with movement and the limitless possibilities. With my sculpture background, I have raised the crafting to a whole new level of fine art, and I am selling my works through galleries and my website to people around the world.


I became a Certified Paverpol Instructor a few years ago, to share my knowledge of sculpture and this medium, to help empower people to have the confidence to do something they may never have thought possible for themselves. It’s such a user friendly process that people without any artistic background, can do this. Its such a joy to see the passion of creation unfold in my students as they create a sculpture in one day with my guidance. I offer sculpture workshops and functional art workshops. 

It’s a fantastic bonding experience for corporate, friends or family!


Call 514-886-6311  or email to purchase or commission art or to inquire about workshops.  

I never thought I could create anything but Rosalie showed me through her workshop how creative I could be. I LOVED it!