Jeanne-Mance B&B
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Jeanne-Mance B&B


Wish List:

  • To convert a rundown duplex that had been turned into a single dwelling, back into a duplex, into a high end B&B to accommodate up to six people per apartment
  • A “turn key” service where client just needed to approve options presented by us.
  • Kosher kitchen and regular kitchen with a dining area and an amazing master bathroom.
  • To make this very narrow space appear larger

Design Strategy:

  • Priority was to remove all the non supporting walls to open up the apartments, and reconfigure them so all the closed spaces were on one side. This provided a continuous view from the entrance all the way to the back, creating the appearance of a larger space
  • To save space, we added an electric fireplace with a recessed tv above.
  • With only enough space to make two bedrooms per apartment, we chose a comfortable hide-a-bed for the living room for extra guests.

Wow Factor:

  • We really delivered on the high end bathroom, from the tiles to the fixtures, including a shower for two. It definitely adds the Wow to the entire design of this beautiful B&B.

Client Quote:

“Rosalie basically did everything that was needed for us to open for business. Concept, design, selection of everything, and project management. She even furnished the apartment right down to the toaster and coffee machines, sheets and towels” -B&B owner